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EETS Tweets To celebrate its 150th birthday, the EETS tweeted a quotation each day from the Old and Middle English texts printed in its edition, in sequence. For the EETS Tweets, see EETS on Twitter. Many of the quotations were selected by graduate student members of the Society.   Textuality in Transition: A workshop on editing texts from medieval Britain In 2014, the Early English Text Society celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding. For a century and a half the Society has published editions of Old and Middle English and Older Scots literature for modern readers.   As part of the celebrations of the 150th birthday of the Society, the Society held a workshop for graduate students and recently postdoctoral scholars, Textuality in Transition: A workshop on editing texts from medieval Britain, on 20-21 May 2014. Textuality in Transition introduced the theory and practice of editing to a new generation of students of English language, literature and manuscripts studies, to enable them to take up editing projects for themselves. There were lectures, discussions and practical exercises in editing in groups, led by the members of the Council of the Early English Text Society and others, including Richard Beadle, Julia Boffey, Richard Dance, Susan Irvine, William Marx, Andy Orchard, Ad Putter, Jeremy Smith and H. L. Spencer. The participants - especially Kate Ash, Colleen Curran, Sjoerd Levelt and Kate Sargan - were live-tweeting the whole event and their and others' Tweets provide a handy summary of the lectures and discussion; Sjoerd Levelt has packaged them all on the website Storify. There is also a report and evaluation by Daniel Sawyer on this blog run by our friends at Quadrivium.

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